Artist: Wendy Smith

Based in Rochester, Kent

Tel: 07989970907

7 standard wsmith

Ritual II


Ritual II” (2011), Photograph

Following a project on the coast in Karnataka, South India in 2011 and a visit to New Delhi, this photograph was taken whilst researching the relocation of the Mehrauli flower market, in the city and the coastal religious festival, Shivaratri.

Artist Statement

My practice in the form of paintings, installation and photography, reflect the celebration of colour inspired from the exotic, in contrast to the everyday. There is a link between ritual, flowers and the sea. Ritual in this context, I see in the form of the fishermen going out to sea each night, a daily necessity of life for the small villages and offerings, in the form of flowers placed in the sea.

Pattern and repeat motif are found in my work, continuing with the exploration of Indian textiles and introducing, the richness of design and something sumptuous. With painting, I work using the rawness of the linen that contrasts with the gloss surface finish of a photograph. Both mediums work on the same subject, creating an on going dialogue between the painted and the photographic image.

Photography captures and seizes the moment in a spontaneous and poetic way, playing a vital role in directly inspiring colour relationships, emotions, ‘happenings’ and experience. Certain scenarios, atmospheres and moods captured through the lens are translated into a painted surface, other images exist on their own and are finished works in themselves.

With the camera I can capture something that is immediate, in a split second it has changed or that moment is lost, the arrangement will never be repeated exactly the same.  Experimenting with composition, materiality and the image, drives me to be creative, exploring what is visible and what is just outside the frame of vision and how you make that decision, through the lens.

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