Artist: Micaela Beatson

Based in Whitstable, Kent.

16 standardmbeatson

Indian Light


Indian Light’ (2013)

Screen printed design on paper

Artist Statement

My design has been influenced by a recent cycling trip to India. The shapes of the torn Transcript alongside the blossoming Water Lily represent the ‘Old and New’ (technology against tradition).

After my degree in constructed textiles at Middlesex I worked for the Rug designer Helen Yardley and the Tapestry artist William Geoffery’s. I then travelled and worked in Tanzania working on women’s craft projects and in a special need school In Zimbabwe and then trained as an Art teacher.

micaela sail l.m.For the past 18 years I have worked as a specialised Art Teacher in Special Needs Schools in London and in recent years here in Canterbury. I also worked for many years as a Free- Lance artist for a London based charity ‘Cloth of Gold’ (working with various community groups creating large screen printed banners for the Thames festival, St Pauls cathederal etc). We were especially interested in working with people with multi- sensory impairments and explored printing onto differing fabrics and materials to create sensory toys, cushions and tents.

I have also worked for several years as a creative practitioner for the Kent based ‘Future Creative’.

My own Art work is very experimental and I have worked in many medium but especially enjoy the process of collage and print making (Mono printing, lino and screen printing) and have recently become a member of the ‘Print Block’ in Whitstable.

I am especially interested in ‘colour’ and the process of screen printing enables me to explore this in both a simplistic fluid way and a more complex traditional way. I enjoy the layering of marks and colours and am continually fascinated with colour and light exploring how different colours affect each other.

My most recent screen prints have been experimental colour pieces influenced by a trip to India last year. Since my last visit to India (25 years ago) I was interested to see how technology has reached every far corner but it still holds tight to its richness of culture. I have been exploring very bright colours against the backdrop of natural colours and tones and I am also interested in the contrast of a hard shape or line against a torn line, exploring the concept of, ‘Old and New’.

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One thought on “Artist: Micaela Beatson

  1. Wonderful image which stands out even at a distance! Clearly India influenced and it’s great to see something you’ve created for the joy of it as I know how much work you do for and with others, great stuff!

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