Artist: Josephine Harvatt

Based in Kent

1 standard jharvatt

Fishermen’s Huts


Fishermen’s Huts” (2013)

Image created May 2013 in Photoshop.

Although I work primarily in acrylics and oil pastels the emphasis on simple forms and strong colours in my work means that it translates sympathetically to digital form when needed.

Artist’s Statement

josephine sail lm

I paint in acrylics because life is too short to wait for oils to dry, although I sometimes make final tweaks and adjustments with the aid of oil pastels. I also incorporate painted tissue paper shapes when I want to give a veil of colour, or a particularly crisp edge.

Influenced by European traditions of naïve and folk art, my inspirations are the landscapes and townscapes of Britain. I aim to create something that is cheerful and harmonious; a holiday for the eyes.

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