Artist: Joan Hobson

Ramsgate, Kent

9 standard jhobson

Watching and Waiting


Watching and Waiting” (2013) Acrylic on canvas.

 joan sail l.mWatching and Waiting shows my daughter-in-law carrying her young child. Their pink and red coats seem to blend into one, the bond between mother and daughter merging them together as they wait patiently. They are watching out for my son, to celebrate his homecoming. Where has he been and what has he been doing? Where are they and how long will they need to wait? These are all questions posed, but not answered.

 Artist Statement

I am fascinated by how changing the scale of an object alters my perception. I see differently when commonplace things are presented on an abnormal scale.  The ordinary can then seem magical. My artistic practice often involves working from my photographs by manipulating the image, simplifying and changing the scale. I am inspired by artists such as Alex Katz, Gary Hume and Michael Craig-Martin for their vibrant use of colour and everyday subject matter.

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